Jupiter Transit 2021 or Guru Peyarchi 2021

Jupiter Transit 2021, Guru Peyarchi 2021, or Guru Gochar is the process by which Planet Jupiter enters a new zodiac sign in the person's horoscope every 12-13 months. This auspicious planet takes around 12 years to complete the zodiac circle.

Vedic Astrology gives a lot of importance to the process of Jupiter transit every year. Vedicology team of senior consultants provide custom made reports on the transit significance of Jupiter as part of each consulting packages.

Jupiter Transit or Guru Peyarchi

Jupiter Transit 2021 Reports by Vedicology

Jupiter Planet is one of the most beneficial planets in the realm of Astrology. Planet Jupiter brings in fortune, rewards, luck and a feeling of "significance". The Transit of Jupiter or Guru Peyarchi 2021 can start a completely new area of opportunities and bring about the idea of excitement, providing an advantage to individuals in a variety of aspects beginning from a thriving business to marriages.

Vedicology provides Jupiter transit 2021 prediction reports either as part of the horoscope casting and analysis report or as a separate report.

Jupiter moving into various houses

According to Vedic astrology principles, Jupiter transit 2021 provides positive outcomes if positioned in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th home from the position of Moon in the natal chart. Natal moon refers to the location of the Moon during the time of birth. In the rest of the houses, it may bring some negative results too. Jupiter nonetheless is regarded as the very benefit planet in Vedic astrology. Its transit is crucial because it takes around 12 years to finish the zodiac circle, meaning it spends about 1 year in each house. If it changes sign, its effect is for a long time unlike planets like Sun and Mercury that alter homes within less than a month.

1. Jupiter moving into the first house

Guru peyarchi 2021 significance or Guru gochar highlights for 1st house.

When Jupiter moves to the 1st house from natal Moon, it attracts some challenges in life. Mental anxieties persist together with a lack of contentment and satisfaction. Health also degrades at the same moment. Native also grows a propensity to indulge in disagreements with other individuals. Nonetheless, this is a positive period in regards to indulging in religious and virtuous interests. Native also develops a kind of fear and faces nervousness issues, so practising spirituality helps.

2. Jupiter transit 2021 into the second house

Guru gochar highlights or Guru peyarchi 2021 outcome for 2nd house.

Positivity returns into life when Jupiter transits into the 2nd home from natal Moon. There's a sharp rise in prosperity and gains afterwards. You appear to develop prophetic abilities during this period. Everything you say frequently comes out to be authentic. Your connection with family improves a lot. Health also picks up pace. For married people, there's a fantastic chance of childbirth during this age.

3. Jupiter moves into the third house

Guru peyarchi 2021 highlights or Guru gochar results for 3rd house.

When Jupiter transits to the 3rd house from the position of the Moon during birth, native encounters some challenges in life. Business matters can slow down because of obstacles. The third house Jupiter is not a good period in terms of financing as some reduction of money is possible. You could also encounter problems with your employer. Relationship with siblings and friends also endures through this age. A brief religious trip is possible in this period, or you could indulge in particular spiritual pursuits.

4. Jupiter transit 2021 into the fourth house

Guru peyarchi results or Guru gochar events for 4th house.

Jupiter transit to 4th house from Moon brings mixed results for the native. You should make an effort to keep cordiality with your relatives and family. Property things can have an ugly turn so better avoid for today. It's also wise to be careful when driving and journeys are avoidable. You also need to curtail unnecessary expenses to maintain financial balance. You may, however, have to borrow money to support your business up and to run. Your relationship with mother could also endure so better take care.

5. Jupiter moving into the fifth house

Guru peyarchi outcome or Guru gochar results for 5th house.

When Jupiter transits into 5th home from natal Moon, there are significant improvements in all areas of life. Compassion and love raise. Children become quite supportive. You get many well-wishers in this period. Your standing in society also enhances. Spiritual inclination also raises during this time. This is an excellent time to anticipate profit in speculation and investment. Your financial situation is very likely to improve too. Singles are to meet someone special in this period also. This transit period is also suitable for study-related matters.

6. Jupiter transit 2021 into the sixth house

Guru peyarchi consequence or Guru gochar effects for 6th house.

Jupiter's move into 6th house from natal Moon is considered inauspicious in Vedic astrology since 6th is a malefic house and Jupiter expands what the house signifies. In cases like this, Jupiter increases health difficulties, expenditure, debt and problems with coworkers and employees. You want to be careful in these areas to keep mental peace and happiness. You also need to be cautious of theft. Competitors might try to influence you adversely during this time. It would be better to avoid any unethical actions & disagreements as some legal issues might crop up.

7. Jupiter moves into the seventh house

Guru peyarchi 2021 highlights or Guru gochar results for 7th house.

When Jupiter goes into 7th home from natal Moon, the native starts to experience relief in some specific areas. Businesspersons start looking for new ventures. Your connection with seniors also improves. Knowing with children and spouse also receives a boost. In general, you like fantastic health, cordial relationships and improved status. Some profitable journeys also take place in this period. You societal life remains hyperactive also, and you love being with friends.

8. Jupiter transit into the eighth house

Guru peyarchi 2021 effect or Guru gochar highlights for 8th house.

Having Jupiter move into your 8th house from Moon means you will now have to work harder to succeed in life. This period may have you overspending and travelling a lot. Some unforeseen issues in business could also crop up. Health can also dip in this age. You should be careful in litigation matters also. It would be best to prevent any arguments with friends and family to maintain peace.

9. Jupiter moves into the ninth house

Guru peyarchi 2021 or Guru gochar significance for 9th house.

Jupiter is the god of Sagittarius. When it moves into 9th home from natal Moon, it feels quite at home. This is an excellent time to develop professionally. Your fiscal position also improves and so will your connection with boss. In reality, you can even get an increment or promotion during the transit period. Jupiter also brings blessings of the sages and mentors. A good deal of religious activities takes place. This is a significant period to tie the knot too. You could also go abroad!

10. Jupiter transit 2021 into the tenth house

Guru peyarchi 2021 events or Guru gochar results for 10th house.

When Jupiter moves into 10th home from natal Moon's placement in a horoscope, it brings negative feelings and thinking to the native mind. You are feeling emotionally dissatisfied because of unfulfilled desires. It would be best to avoid any conflicts with family and seniors during this time. Some loss of property matters is also feasible. All this could result in mental distress so better maintain patience and become calm. It would be useful to visit religious places.

11. Jupiter transit 2021 into the eleventh house

Guru peyarchi 2021 or Guru gochar highlights for 11th house.

If Jupiter moves into 11th home from natal Moon, it attracts a lot of respect, prestige, and position into the indigenous. Kids become reassuring and loving during this time. You also get to enjoy many material comforts life has to offer like luxuries, jewellery, vehicle and property. Your needs become fulfilled in love matters too. Income also shoots up during this period and therefore make profits in business. You're very likely to enjoy a fantastic social reputation also.

12. Jupiter transit 2021 into the twelfth house

Guru peyarchi 2021 events or Guru gochar effects for 12th house.

Jupiter's move into 12th home out of Moon brings mixed results. Expenditure increases during this time, but you're likely to spend on religious pursuits. You should stay away from your indigenous place and children in this period and enjoy some solitude. Your interest in spirituality is likely to increase during this time. Some long-distance travels may also occur. This period also brings issues in business issues, so be careful.

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