Numerology Consultations at Vedicology

Numerology consultation at Vedicology is based on Chaldean Numerology, Kabala System and Indian Vedic Astrology.

Numerology is very easy to understand. All that you need to know is that the world revolves around numbers and mathematical equations. The most familiar kind of numbers is natural numbers 0, 1, 3, 2, 4 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Numbers from 1-9 are called unit numerals. Numerals from 10-99 are known as double-digit numbers or fusion numerals.

Every number occupies its qualities in the form of strengths and challenges. Therefore, no number is good or bad. Similarly, no numeral is lucky or unlucky. All numbers are equally necessary and crucial. Hence no number can be auspicious or inauspicious. Each numeral gives power to another one and takes what it needs from the one earlier. All numbers have two aspects viz; exoteric or outside and esoteric or inner. In a nutshell, every number possesses its unique quality and power.

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Numerology and Karma

The idea behind numerology is to understand the hidden expressions contained in numbers. Understanding the latent energies in numbers helps us to understand their relationship and progression in our numerology chart.

There is a deep connection between Numerology and Karma. Understanding karmic balances from the sequence of numbers can help us in so many ways. In simple terms, at least this makes us identify the difficulties we experience now or in the past. Once we understand this karmic connection, then its more comfortable to work on our life. We can bring in harmony, peace, and joy.

How Can Numerology Help

Numerology can be used to determine an individual's personality, strengths and abilities. The combination of birth number, fate number and name number can indicate obstacles, internal needs and psychological reactions. These combinations provide ample indications of the individual's ways of dealing with others. These pointers can be used to arrive at the most optimal route map for an individual's overall development. So, in short, numerology can provide you with a route map to your numerous possibilities that life can offer you.

Numerology Consultations at Vedicology

Numerology consultation at Vedicology helps you to understand the vibratory power of every number that impacts your life. All these influences can affect you in positive and negative ways. The empirical meanings that surround the nine whole numbers would be the centre of numerological divination.

Numbers can integrate into many other divinity procedures, such as yantras and mantras. Numbers can represent stages in the life span of any system and connect us to planets, days, colours, qualities, personality types and tarot images.

A good numerologist analyses the names and words through numbers and provides detailed readings. Numerology helps us to gain the necessary wisdom and the ability to understand ourselves and others.

Various Numerology Consultations at Vedicology

Personal Naming

  1. Baby Name Numerology – Naming a newborn baby basis Chaldean numerology and Vedic Astrology.
  2. Name Numerology – Correcting or tuning an existing name basis Chaldean numerology and Vedic astrology.

Business Numerology

  1. Business Name Numerology – Naming a business basis Chaldean numerology and Vedic astrology.
  2. Business Name Change Numerology – Changing an already existing business name using Chaldean Numerology.
  3. Business Viability Analysis - Analysis of a new business proposal basis Chaldean Numerology and Kabala.
  4. Business Partnership Analysis – Business compatibility analysis between partners using Chaldean and Kabala numerology.

Marriage, Relationship and Love

  1. Marriage Numerology - Marriage Matching Analysis Using Chaldean Numerology and Kabala.
  2. Relationship and Love Numerology - Numerological Compatibility Analysis between two people on different relationship aspects.

Health Numerology

  1. Health Numerology – Analysis of physical and mental strength using Chaldean and Kabala numerology.

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