Astrological Remedies For Progeny - Child Birth Astrology

One of the aspirations for any individual to get married would be to expand a family. Many brides and grooms would like to relish their parenthood. It's one of the first commitment that they plan as soon as they settle in their marital relationship. However, some couples may not be lucky. They have problems with inevitable interruptions and cannot conceive a child. About that, they wonder where to go and how exactly to consult? Vedicology astrologers will conduct an indepth horoscope analysis, understand the cause and suggest suitable astrological remedies for childless couple.

Infertility In Horoscope - Astrology Solution For Progeny

Indian Vedic astrology makes precise predictions by analyzing a native's horoscope by date of birth and other specifics to reveal the leading cause of issues related to Infertility In Horoscope and recommends robust Astrological Remedies For Progeny, that if adopted timely & accurately, overcomes even the greatest of problems. Our progeny astrology reports and Astrological Remedies For Progeny report give detailed insights on progeny child fertility and health. The report covers details and solutions on astrology for child birth.

Vedic Astrology Reports For Fertility – Child Birth Astrology

Most physicians, when unable to comprehend the causative factor for sterility quotes, "time factor," adding to the strain to societal pressure and treatments they undergo. From ancient days astrological guidelines have been followed to understand the causes behind infertility, and the right time to get begetting progeny. Vedic astrology reports for fertility astrology solution for progeny and has been there since time immemorial. There have been numerous references to the same in ancient indian scriptures like epics ( ramayana and mahabharata) and puranas where pregnancy horoscope prediction and astrological remedies to conception problems have been performed after consulting astrologers and results obtained.

How To Predict Childbirth From Horoscope - Astrology for Child Birth

Astrology for child birth - it is imperative to identify and analyze the homes and planets that govern progeny to comprehend the various obstructing factors, including the karma of the individual. The planet jupiter, 5th house, 9th house and their lords along with the ascendant, navamsa and saptamsa charts largely influence issues associated with progeny. Vedic astrologers at vedicology carefully analyze the horoscope of the couple and our progeny report will pinpoint details of your parenthood possibilities. It also suggests Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple to clear complications from the conception and delivery procedure. Vedic astrology reports for fertility and progeny astrology thereby provides pregnancy horoscope prediction and Astrological Remedies To Conception Problems .

Infertility And The Role Of Planets - Astrological Remedies For Progeny

Vedic astrology reports for fertility indicates that significators for progeny houses are

  • 2nd house: indicates family
  • 5th house: most important house for progeny
  • 9th house: facilitator house for progeny
  • 11th house: when placed alongside with 2nd and or 5th houses, the 11th house indicates a gain of children.

However, progeny astrology indicates that the influence of houses 1st, 4th and 10th by malefic planets suggest that the native is not likely to have a child. Therefore, in the progeny report horoscope matching, horoscopes of both spouses, looked at to study their results based on a number of factors such as:

  • Houses they are placed in
  • Lordships of houses
  • Particular aspects that they are casting and the external aspects that are being cast upon them
  • Their conjunctions with other planets
  • Nakshatras that the planets are into etc

Pregnancy Horoscope Prediction And Remedies

Progeny report horoscope matching can indicate planets having their influences on 2nd, 5th, 9th & 11th houses can be significators for progeny or assist childbirth and malefic planets having their impacts on 1st, 4th & 10th denies childbirth? It might be. However, there are way too many factors that are to be considered for significators for progeny before reaching any conclusion. How To Predict Childbirth From Horoscope and Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple are to be decoded by an expert vedic astrologer and that also includes :

  • Pregnancy horoscope prediction will explain how the pregnancy period span out. Child birth astrology report will explain these factors in great details. Infertility In Horoscope is detected and Infertility Solution For Couples recommended.
  • Risk of miscarriage or abortion signified by planets. Progeny report horoscope matching and progeny astrology report will cover these aspects. Astrology Solution For Progeny is recommended.
  • Will it be a natural birth or birth from a surgery? Vedic astrology reports for fertility provided. Pregnancy Horoscope Prediction And Remedies are recommended
  • Type of sign present in the 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th Progeny child fertility and health report will cover this aspect in detail. Infertility In Horoscope is identified and Astrological Remedies For Progeny recommended.

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant – Role of Malefic Planets

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant are many. Malefics planets like saturn, rahu, and ketu indicate a turbulent pregnancy period, a risk of abortion/miscarriage when they are operational in the mahadasha, dasha or antardasha and also especially when they transit or aspect the 5th house. Vedic astrology reports for fertility, progeny report horoscope matching and progeny astrology report will cover these aspects. Infertility And The Role Of Planets analysed and Astrological Remedies To Conception Problems recommended.

Pregnancy horoscope prediction mentions that the placement, aspect, and transits of mars should be carefully analyzed in order to determine whether the child will be born by natural birth or through surgery. Astrology for child birth or child birth astrology reports can be accessed for your particular details.

Contact Vedicology Astrologers to understand How To Predict Childbirth From Horoscope. We can educate you on Infertility And The Role Of Planets in astrology. Astrological Remedies To Conception Problems can be recommended basis your unique situations.


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