Numerology For LLP or Limited Liability Partnership Business

Numerology For LLP or Limited Liability Partnership Business is based on the numerology of all partners. Based on the numerological and astrological charts of partners an auspicious date is selected. LLP being a separate business entity, a business horoscope is cast. This horoscope is significant since this determines the business commencement date. Before getting into numerology for business, let’s understand what an LLP is.

An LLP or Limited Liability Partnership is a partnership where some or all partners have only limited liability. It, therefore, exhibits elements of partnerships and corporations. In an LLP, one partner isn’t responsible or liable for another partner’s misconduct or neglect. A limited liability partnership comes mid-way between corporations and partnerships and is an innovative structure which investors are making use of.

LLP Business Partners

LLP’s limit liability by making sure the private possessions and assets of the partners don’t get involved with the payment of loans payable from the company. This makes them a more secure type of investment for entrepreneurs as it lessens the risk that they need to take. So, in an LLP, while the business has several partners, no person is kept liable for the actions of others. Hence this clears them of having undue obligation for the conduct of others. Now let’s look at numerology for the LLP business. You can read more about the Vedicology Business Numerology Team here.

Numerology For LLP Business Name

An LLP is always considered as an individual business entity. Hence we first cast a business horoscope for an LLP Firm. This horoscope is cast basis of a birth time arrived by performing an in-depth analysis of the charts ( both astrological and numerological ) of all partners. Please note that commencement of business in an LLP firm should be based on the most numerologically and astrologically compatible muhurtha date that we provide you. These dates are sacrosanct because this has a lot of impact on the horoscope and numerology details of the new firm and the partners. Now let’s look at our process of numerology for LLP business and recommendation of auspicious names. In case you want to know more about business numerology, read here.

Step 1 – Numerology for Business – Level 1 Report

In the first step of numerology for the LLP business, we analyse the horoscopes and numerological charts of all partners. We analyse business compatibility. At this stage, basis compatibility, you can change partners or bring in additional partners. After this is complete, we arrive at the birth details of the new LLP firm and cast the horoscope. This is the date for business commencement and has a lot of weightage as per numerology for business. We send you the business commencement date of your firm by email.

Delivery TAT – Numerology for LLP Business – Level 1 Report

You will receive the Level 1 report within 48 hours or Two working days. This means that if we receive the payment on Monday between 9 am – 4 pm, the Level 1 report will reach you via mail before Wednesday 6 pm.

Step 2 – Numerology for Business – Level 2 Report – Auspicious Starting Sound

Now, we analyse the horoscope details of the firm along with numerology charts of all partners. We arrive at a few auspicious starting sounds for the ideal business name. We email mail you these starting sounds. This report also contains a list of sounds that requires avoidance. Our team also lists out the inauspicious sounds. This is because sometimes the partners may have individual choices of names for naming their business. Hence, we believe it’s essential for an entrepreneur to know that specific sounds may not be auspicious for him. Astrology and Numerology for business names gives a lot of importance to the starting sound. So, now it’s your turn. You can send us a mail confirming “one” starting sound and we can move on to the next level of work.

Delivery TAT for Business Name with Numerology Level 2 Report

You will receive the Level 2 report within 24 hours or one working day. So when you send us a confirmation mail on the muhurta for business commencement on Monday between 9 am – 4 pm, the Level 2 report will reach you via mail before Tuesday 6 pm.

Step 3 – Numerology for LLP Business – Level 3 Report – Auspicious Business Names

Let’s get into step 3 now. Numerology for the LLP business process requires three confirmations from your end. First – Business Commencement Date, Second – Starting Sound, Third – The surnames for your business. Once we receive all these confirmations, our business numerology team commences research on the ideal name options. Please note that the three confirmations you gave us will be treated as final since the entire naming process from now on is based on these choices ou have made. In case you still need to alter any of these later, we will need to commence the whole process again. So, yes…if necessary we can again redo the whole process with an additional fee.

Our “Numerology for business” team will provide you with a list of ideal business names basis the starting sound we have recommended and approved by you.

These business names with numerology would be auspicious astrological and numerological combinations. You will receive names with a perfect balance of birth number, name number, destiny number, compound name number and compound destiny number. We recommend around 25-30 short, easy to spell and meaningful business names with numerology as a process.

Please Note:-

As mentioned before, the business names with Numerology are selected based on “one beginning sound” you’d selected from our list of recommended starting sounds. If you require additional beginning sound options, you can tell us we could provide you with the exact same on a minimum add on fee.

In some cases, we receive requests for “making-up names” or non-meaningful names without a definite significance. Traditional company numerology guidelines do not suggest the same. In addition, we understand that your company naming is very personal, and sometimes the names we suggest may not suit your liking. Sometimes you or your household may have specific inputs and choices. Or it could also be that you have a set of titles that you have cherished for quite some time. You do not have to worry. We’re with you on this journey until the end. You can provide us with any number of name titles together with the suggested “one beginning sound”.

Our numerology experts will analyse these names on all of the numerology aspects. We’ll tune these business titles with minimal alterations, guarantee that it is numerologically ideal and deliver the same to you. We will do this with no extra fee when you have selected one of our business numerology naming packages.

Delivery Time

We shall email you the business name with numerology report based within Forty-Eight hours or two working days after your email confirmation on the starting sound.

Step 4- Name Significance Report for the selected Business Name with Numerology

Now, all that you need to do is confirm the “LLP business name” with the numerology you have chosen out of all the names we have given you. Once we receive this, our team commences work on the final report, which is a report on specific qualities and characteristics of the chosen LLP business name with numerology.

Our team will provide you with a report on the significance of your LLP business birth number, name number, destiny number, lord of birth number, lord of name number and lord of destiny number for your LLP firm.

The LLP Business Name with Numerology report also contains the significant years, benefic ages, auspicious dates and inauspicious dates for your Limited Liability Partnership LP business. We provide you with the most auspicious colours for your LLP business. You will get to know the favourable and unfavourable periods as per your business’s numerological analysis. Our team give you inputs on the favourable weekdays, beneficial gemstone, your God as per LLP business numerology and the most supportive planets as per your LLP business name.

Vedicology provides you with a report on your LLP business’s essential characteristics, health and finance based on the name and other numerology parameters that is relevant to your LLP Business Name with Numerology

We also provide you with your business’s favourable direction, your significant office building numbers, lines of activities that suit your business, ideal vehicle numbers for your business.

We also provide you with remedial measures as per Cheiro or Chaldean numerology.

Please Note:-

Name Significance Report for your “LLP Business Name with Numerology” is an in-depth process that requires three working days.

The Name Significance report indicates salient features of the “chosen Business Name with Numerology “. Please note that this is not an astrological reading or any kind of prediction report for the business or the business owner.

Name significance report for your “LLP Business Name with Numerology” is prepared for one name ( the selected name). But sometimes clients may need a name significance report for additional names as well. Well, not a problem at all. We can provide you with additional name reports for a minimal add-on fee. You can get in touch with our team, and we shall assist you with this.

Delivery Time

Our team shall email you the Name significance report for your “Business Name with Numerology” within 72 hours or three working days post your email confirmation on the chosen name.

LLP Business Name with Numerology – Fee for a Limited Liability Partnership Firm

LLP Business Name with Numerology Fee for a Partnership Firm as mentioned below:

LLP / Limited liability Partnership/Registered Partnership Firm (2 Partners) – INR 9000 + 18% GST.
LLP / Limited liability Partnership/Registered Partnership Firm (3 Partners) – INR 10000 + 18% GST.

You can remit the fee online via a direct bank transfer, GPay, PayTM or a Visa or Master Credit Card. International clients can pay via PayPal. Our team can support you in these areas. Please WhatsApp or Call Us at +919500099996 or write to us at

Working Hours and Days

We work from 9 am to 5.30 pm (IST) from Monday to Friday other than national or state holidays. You can reach us by mail, call us or WhatsApp us on +91 9500099996. In case you try contacting us after our office hours, please leave a WhatsApp message or mail, and our team shall get back to you on the next working day.

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