Name Numerology - Baby Naming Process by Vedicology

Best Numerologists in India Vedicology provides the following naming services to clients across the world.

  1. Name Numerology – Baby Naming Services
  2. Name Numerology – Name Changing Services

Vedicology Naming Process is as mentioned below

Starting Sound/Letter – Auspicious Starting Sound for Naming Your Baby

  1. Horoscope Analysis of your baby – Analysis of Rasi and Nakshatra as per Vedic Astrology principles based on the birth details of the baby provided by you.
  2. 1st Level report on the most auspicious "starting sound/letter" is mailed to you with the recommendation of ideal starting sounds. The report also contains a list of sounds that need to be avoided. Certain sounds though of the same rasi need to be avoided. One must also avoid the sounds of stars falling in the eighth rasi from the person's birth rasi.
  3. Best name numerologists in Chennai India believe that omission of inauspicious starting sounds may be more important than selecting the right starting sound.

Name Selection – Auspicious Names for Your Baby

  1. Name Research and Recommendation – Once you confirm the acceptance of the starting sound we have recommended, Vedicology baby name numerologists commence work on the ideal name options. We recommend names that are short, meaningful, easy to pronounce and with positive vibes.
  2. The Second Level Report with ideal name recommendations for your baby is mailed to you for your consideration and evaluation. We recommend 35-40 well researched, short, meaningful and positive names for your baby.
  3. We understand naming your baby could also be dependent on your personal choices, and we respect that. You could also send us your favourite names, and our numerologist in Chennai will tune those names without disturbing the meaning and energy vibes of those names.

Name Significance and Predictions Report for Chosen Name

  1. Name Numerology Significance Report for the chosen name – Once we receive your confirmation on the name that you have chosen, our team of top numerologists in Chennai India commences work on the final report on the qualities and characteristics of the name.
  2. Best numerologist in Chennai Vedicology explains that the "Final Name Numerology Report" would explain the significance of name number, compound name number, birth number, fate number, compound fate number, effect of birth number and ruling planet, effect of birth number and name number, education, profession, marriage, favourable weekdays, colours, music, directions, harmony of numbers and compatibility with others.
  3. Third Level Report or Final report on Name Significance and Predictions of the chosen name is mailed to the client.

You could reach us at +919500099996 either via call or WhatsApp or write to us at for any queries that you may have on naming a newborn baby or changing the name of your loved one.

We follow the Chaldean Numerology along with Vedic Astrology

Best Numerologists in Chennai at Vedicology follow the Chaldean system of Numerology for naming a baby along with the Indian Jyotish or Vedic Astrology.

Famous Numerologists in India believe that Chaldean Numerology has closer ties to Astrology, having originated in Mesopotamia, which was also the birthplace of western astrology. Chaldean Numerology is also closely related to the Vedic system of India as well as the Kabbalah.

100% Money-Back Guarantee By Vedicology

Best numerologist in Chennai Vedicology believes that choosing your baby's name is an important decision you must make as a parent. Sure, the name you want for your baby will be a defining part of his/her identity for a lifetime. It may be fun and thrilling, but the duty of naming another person being can sometimes be overbearing.

Famous numerologists in Chennai Vedicology walk with you step by step to identify the most auspicious name for your baby boy or girl. Vedicology numerologists in Chennai do a comprehensive study on the numerological and astrological aspects of your infant and provide you with 35-40 names for your baby.

Numerologists in India Vedicology always recommend names that are short, meaningful, easy to pronounce and also with positive vibes. However, naming your baby is still a personal affair and hence you as parents would always have your individual choices or preferences. Therefore we always encourage parents, to send us any number of names that you may like for your baby and our numerologists and astrologers will retune those names ensuring numerological compliance while keeping the original meaning of the title wherever possible.

Numerologists in Chennai Vedicology team promise you that you could provide us with any number of names for your baby and we shall work towards numerologically tuning them ( wherever possible) till you chose a name that you like for your baby. If we cannot deliver on our promise, we shall provide you with a 100 per cent refund. Please check with our team on the money-back policy before signing up for the service.

Express Naming Services for NRI /PIO clients

Vedicology provides express naming services to clients residing in countries where the name needs to be submitted to the hospital within the same day of delivery. Please contact our team on +919500099996 for express naming services.


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