Gemstone Recommendation by Vedicology

Gemstones are among the most powerful astrological remedies. Gemstone suggestion as a remedial measure has been in practice for many thousand years. Right from the most ancient Egyptian civilisation to the present day human race, everyone believes in the power of gems. And this belief spreads equally across caste, creed and faith. Vedicology has a team of astrologers and geologists who could provide you with the most auspicious gemstone recommendation.

Civilisations across the world have been using astrological gems as a potent remedial tool. Almost all ancient scriptures across different cultures, and countries have vouched for the effectiveness of Gem recommendation as a powerful remedy. During ancient times, kings, and other influential individuals have used gemstone suggestion by astrologers as a remedial measure. Vedicology has a great team that can provide you with the right gemstone recommendation.

Gemstone Recommendation by Vedicology

Our Gem recommendation process is scientific and as per ancient scriptures. Gemstone suggestion by Vedicology comes to you as a report that we email you. Please read the information below to understand the contents of our gemstone recommendation report. Our reports rank as one of the best gem recommendation reports in India.

How Do Gemstones Work?

What is the force behind gemstones? Gemstones are mediums that transport the energy of the planet, to the wearers' body. This energy influence the chakras, nadis and other subtle energy centres of the human body. This powerful vibratory energy thus moves into the aura of the individual, enhancing his positive experiences.

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Gemstone Recommendation - Across All Religions

Ancient Hindu References on gemstone recommendation

Astrological gems and gemstone recommendation for remedies is a well-known practice in India. Vedic literature, Epics and Puranas explain them in detail. Rishi Parashara's "Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra" and Varaha Mihira's"Brihat Samhita quotes various kinds of astrological gems and gem recommendations.

Biblical References on gem recommendation

Gemstone recommendations and usage in Christianity are older than three thousand years. The Bible and Greek Literature have plenty of examples of Gemstone usage. Gemstones have importance in the Christian religions of the world for centuries. A Variety of gems is cited in the Bible, especially the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation.

Best Gemstone consultants in Rome quotes plenty of scriptures about gemstones and twelve stones put in the high priest's breastplate. The Biblical references to the Judeo-Christian tradition, represent Israel's twelve tribes. Our Gem recommendation process is scientific and as per ancient scriptures. Gemstone suggestion by Vedicology comes to you as an in-depth report. Our reports rank as one of the best gem recommendation reports in India.

Islamic References on gemstone suggestions

Best Islamic gemstone consultant quotes from legends associated with Ali ibn Abi Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad. Gemstone recommendation and extensive gemstone usage developed in Islam during the early days. Ali is said to have worn four rings on his hand with four different gems, the Arabic names of which are aqiq, yaqut, feruz and Hadid theen.

Gem recommendation experts explain an extra stone of significance in Islam is known as dur-e-Najaf. Best gemstone consultants in Arabian regions identify this as quartz crystal from the Najaf area of Iraq. A legend says that Allah made this rock available so that the poor and the rich could wear it and gain from it.

Can a gemstone change the working nature of a planet?

There are a lot of misconceptions about gemstones. Most people think gemstones can change the way a planet emits energy. Now, let's make one thing very clear. A gem will never change the working nature of a planet – negative or positive. Now, let us look at an example to understand this clearly. Sun emits light. A colour filter can filter the light according to what colour you want. But a colour filter never changes the working nature of the sun. Astrological gems work more or less in a similar fashion.

So, choosing the right planet that requires strengthening as per your horoscope is very important. When you wear a gemstone that gives strength to the negative planet, it proves detrimental. Hence gemstone should always be worn as a remedy to strengthen the positive planets in your horoscope further. Therefore gem recommendation requires a careful horoscope analysis. Our Gem recommendation process is scientific and as per ancient scriptures. Gemstone suggestion by Vedicology is based on ancient scriptures. Our reports rank as one of the best gem recommendation reports in India.

Gemstone Recommendation by Vedicology – Choosing The Right Astrological Gem

The procedure for Gemstone recommendation finds a place in ancient scriptures. Old scriptures clearly explain how a gem recommendation should happen. Vedicology conducts detailed analysis on Vimshottari dasa periods and Shadbala tables to arrive at the strength of planets in your horoscope. The shadbala analysis reveals the most favourable planet from the shadbala table.

The gemstone is suggested for the most auspicious and supportive planet. Since gems cannot change the working nature of a graha, it is essential to recommend the most beneficial graha. Gemstone recommendation should increase the benefits of that planet. Our Gem recommendation process is scientific and as per ancient scriptures. Gemstone suggestion by Vedicology comes to you as a report which explains the right gem, carats, and how and when to wear the gem.

Gem recommendation comes under the category of astrological remedies. This is a straightforward report which does not require any telephonic consultations or follow-ups. Hence, once you provide us with your birth details, our team of astrologers work on your details and we shall send you the report via email. This package does not have the option of a telephonic consultation since it's a straightforward remedy. Our reports rank as one of the best gem recommendation reports in India. We would like to be absolutely unbiased and recommend the right gem to you as an advisor. Hence we do not sell gemstones or have an arrangement with any jeweller. In case you require consultations on your horoscope or have specific queries on your horoscope, we suggest you read through this information before choosing a gemstone recommendation report. Horoscope Casting Process by Vedicology and the platinum horoscope analysis report.

"Anukul Graha" concept for gem recommendation

Vedicology recommends astrological gems only through the "Anukul Graha" concept. "Anukul Graha method explains that Gem selection should be made only after a careful analysis of the lordship of houses and strength of the planets in the native's horoscope.

We conduct a benefit analysis of your planets through the shadbala system. Gemstone suggestion for the most beneficial planet is provided. This is called the Anukul Graha concept.

Vedicology Gem Recommendation Report

Vedicology provides the best gem recommendation report in India. We provide gemstone suggestions for a variety of remedies. Please note that this is not an astrological predictions report. The report consists of the below-appended details which will be emailed to you. In case you need consultations on various aspects of your horoscope, please go through the relevant sections on horoscope casting.

  1. Gemstone Recommendation

We recommend the most beneficial gemstone based on your horoscope.

  1. Gem Carat Weight

We prescribe the exact carat weight of the gem that you should wear.

  1. Quality of Gem and Its Fixing

We suggest the right metal in which the gem should be set.

  1. Preparations

We advise you on how and when to start wearing the gem.

  1. Gemstone for Prosperity

We provide you with suggestions on how to benefit from favourable planets.

  1. Gem Guidance

We advise you on which gem to wear to ward off difficulties from your life.

Delivery Time Line - Vedicology Gem Recommendation Report will be delivered via email within 48 hours upon receipt of payment

The charge for a Gem Recommendation Report via email is INR 2,500 plus 18% GST. ( Indian Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred plus GST of 18%)

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