Importance of Commercial Vastu

Commercial plots should be bought with caution and under the advice of a Vastu consultant. One wrong decision destroys a lifetime’s earnings and will affect the individual and his family. Vaastu compatible construction ensures that the business prospers. Vastu for a commercial setup is different from those for a residential unit.

Selection of a good plot, structure of the building, management of raw material and finished goods, location of owner’s office, accounts and treasury section, placement of generators, boilers etc. all come within this purview. Vedicology Vastu consultants can assist you in various aspects of business Vastu.

Shops, showrooms, offices, hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, educational institutions all fall within the category of business units. Their sole purpose is profit-making. Vaastu shastra helps in making these profitable and financially viable.

Commercial Vastu

Please note that the Vastu principles here are different from that of a residence. The roads lying in front or adjacent to the plot also have a say in the unit's prosperity. So a businessman should select the direction of gain and try not to go against the laws of Vaastu. Vastu consultants in Chennai Vedicology can assist you in various aspects of commercial vastu. We can help you via online consultations or via a physical inspection of your commercial property.

Vastu For Office, Shop, Showroom

Vastu For Shop

Shops and showrooms are the smallest units in this category. A shop facing east or north is considered to be the best. A west-facing shop causes fluctuation between gain and loss. A south-facing shop or a ‘Gau Mukhi’ shop is said to be inauspicious and should be avoided. A square or rectangular shop is right.

As it is impossible to have shops only in the auspicious direction or the prescribed shapes, Vaastu remedial pujas should be performed to remove Vaastu blemishes. The corrective measures largely depend on the owner’s horoscope as well.

The owner should sit facing the north, east or northeast direction. The cash box should open towards the north direction. The north direction is the direction of Lord Kubera, the God of wealth.

The shop's inauguration should be as per muhurta in a fixed Lagna, anauspicious Moon, and an auspicious nakshatra.

All the material used for worship of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth should be used in the puja. Everything should be new and attractive to attract customers. The owner should don yellow apparel and appease this goddess for his future prosperity. The cashbox should never stay empty and one should leave a gold or silver coin permanently inside it. There are various elements that are important in commercial Vastu for shops or offices. Vastu consultants in Chennai Vedicology can help you with these.

Vastu For Hospitals and Nursing Homes

A big plot is required to construct a hospital. Patients come here from far off places for treatment and medical care. There should be sufficient sunlight and air for good recovery of the inmates.

Hence it's crucial to follow the Vaastu for hospital rules here. Some hospitals are government-owned and some are privately owned. The latter belong to the commercial category. The patients are charged for their treatment, boarding and lodging.

The northeast direction is best for the recovery rooms. The X-Ray machines and other heavy machinery should be in the south-west. The operation theatres should be in the west and the doctor chambers should be in the south or the west. Drinking water should be in the northeast or west, and the kitchens in the south-east. The toilets should be in the west or the south.

Vastu For Hospital

Herbal trees should be planted in the south and west side of the campus. The Medicine shop should be in the East and the Car Parking in the north-west. Pictures of Maharishi Dhanvantari and Maharishi Patanjali can adorn the hospital walls.

A nursing home is comparatively a smaller unit with fewer beds, doctors and nursing staff. The care is somewhat more personalized here. However, the same Vaastu rules apply to nursing homes and hospitals.

Vastu For Schools, Colleges and Other Educational Institutions

Vastu For School

Educational Institutions are those primary institutions responsible for the evolution and all-round growth of an individual. In the modern age, these have also become commercial units where the money is spent extensively to get the best education. Hence it is vital that an educational institution is strictly constructed in accordance with Vastu Shastra principles.

A big plot is required to construct an educational institution. Classroom, office, lecture halls, auditorium, hostel, sports ground, staff quarters, kitchen etc. form the individual units that have to be Vaastu compatible to ensure that the environment becomes conducive to learning, discipline prevails and the institution earns a good reputation. Pictures and idols of Goddess Saraswati and Ganesha should adorn the campus. There are specific Vastu rules to be followed for educational institutions and Vastu consultants in Chennai can help you with that.

Vastu alignment is mandatory for Educational Institutions

The south and west direction should be comparatively heavy. It's ideal to leave open spaces in the north and the east. Since East is excellent for learning, the students should face the east direction in the classroom. This implies the teacher should stand with his back to the east while teaching. The atmosphere in the class should be energetic and healthy. The students in the hostel should also study facing the north east. Their rooms should have pictures of inspirational persons on the walls.

The principal’s room and the library should be located in the south-west. The accounts section should be somewhere in the north and the reception and the staff room can be constructed in the north east. There should not be too many mirrors in the campus.

The pujas performed before construction should all be done in an auspicious muhurta.

Vastu For Hotels, Resorts and Clubs

These commercial establishments are meant for relaxation and entertainment but are a source of income for the owner. Two parts of this establishment are significant – the residential and the food zone. A swimming pool is also a part of this and should be constructed in the east, north east or west.

The Vaastu rules for a hotel are complex and need to be applied with caution.

An individual comes here to relax and to eat delicious food. If it is not possible to place the kitchen in the south-east, then it can be constructed in the north-west direction also. If there is a water body close to the hotel or club then it attracts more visitors. Auspicious trees should be planted on the campus.

The owner’s office should be located in the south-west direction on the first floor.

Vastu For Hotel

Important Aspects Of Vastu for Hotel, Resort, Club

The hotel staff should reside in the south-east direction and will always work in a responsible manner. The reception should be towards the north east and electrical and fire-based things should be placed in the south-east. The solar heater should be in the south-east direction.

The entertainment zone should be in the north, the bar room in the north or south, and the dance and cultural activities should be arranged in the eastern direction. The north-west is suitable for Car parking. Try and place the underground tank and boring in north east order. The overhead tank belongs to the west or the south. The bedroom mirrors and washroom basins should be in the north. The west is suitable for wardrobes.

The Club is a place where a group of people associated for a common purpose or mutual social advantage, gather together or come individually to avail the facilities. Clubs generally have a limited, high profile membership of high officials, well-known citizens, industrialists, bureaucrats and politicians. Restaurant, card room, bar room, library, lounge, sports zone, swimming pool, gym etc are part of a club.

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