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Vedicology horoscope casting process is divine and unique. We believe casting a horoscope is a very sacred process. Hence we exercise extreme care and devotion during this process. Ancient days, an astrologer was known as “Daivajna” means knower of fate and destiny of people. Kings, the mighty and the powerful across the world use to treat an astrologer as kin to God. According to them, an astrologer could interpret the language of Gods.

People use to consult an astrologer before they took any crucial decision in life. In ancient days an astrologer uses his expertise in Sidhanta, Ganitha, Samhita, Hora and Triskandha for the benefit of the human race. We believe the role of an astrologer is to guide an individual by explaining his life plan. A good astrologer can reveal the purpose of an individual’s life by reading through his destiny and karmic balances. He does horoscope casting with utmost devotion and faith in almighty.

Horoscope Casting by Vedicology
As you are aware, Jaata Karma ( Horoscope Casting for a newborn) is still one of the most important ritual or Samksara in Hinduism. This ritual is part of the “Shodasa Samskaras”.

We are part of a great tradition that believed in using their knowledge for the benefit and upliftment of the human race. Hence we are not part of the modern rat race. We do not offer instant remedies or solutions. At Vedicology, we do not perform magic or illusion. Our horoscope casting services are strictly basis ancient scriptures. Our senior consultants have a collective experience of more than 150 person-years. Hence we analyse the ancient wisdom with a modern perspective to arrive at solutions. For us at Vedicology, Horoscope Casting is a divine process and we conduct this process with utmost care.

Vedicology is not into “Astrology Reality Shows.”

Vedicology Horoscope Casting is Divine

Well times have changed, and the entire human race is in a hurry. Everyone needs instant solutions. We witness numerous TV, and YouTube shows where people ask questions, and the astrologer gives immediate responses and solutions. You ask a query through the phone and an astrologer on the other side gives you an instant answer on your current situation and possible remedies. Now, for us, this is strange. How is this even possible? If you think for a second, you may feel the same way how we think.

To give an opinion on a query, an astrologer may need to go through at least 3500 combinations of planetary positions and aspects in a horoscope. Now, assume this particular astrologer is a superhuman and can analyse one possible combination in a second even then he requires 3500 seconds to give his opinion on a query. Now you know what we mean.

You may not see, anyone from the Vedicology team give their opinions on TV programs, Talk Shows, Youtube Channels or even Facebook. For us, this ancient science is divine, and we do not intend to use this for publicity. Yes, we conduct business here at Vedicology. But, we adhere to a set of ethics and code of conduct.

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Scriptures And Methodology - Horoscope Casting

Now let us explain how do we do a horoscope casting. We refer to a set of ancient scriptures for casting a horoscope.

We refer to the Brihat Parasarahora Shastra, Sarvartha Chintamani, Phala Deepika, Brihat Jataka, Saravali, Jataka Parijata, Muhurtha Chintamani, Laghu Parasari and Prasna Marga along with Lal Kitab in some instances. Over the last ten years, our team of senior consultants under the able guidance of Mr Praveen Saanker ( Our Founder) have converted these scriptures into digital form.

So, now it is more in the form of a digital library where we can run an effective query system.

Let us give you a simple example of the horoscope casting process.

When we pose a particular query on benefic yogas, the digital scriptural library gives us numerous benefic yogas about this individual horoscope. These benefic yogas are across scriptures. Now, we pose a question on malefic yogas, and the same process repeats itself. Finally, when we pose a query on cancellation yogas, all combinations of cancellation yogas concerning malefic and benefic yogas comes up. Now, our team analyses these combinations carefully. They then choose what is relevant to this particular horoscope, and that gets into your horoscope report.

Now we hope you understand how we conduct a horoscope casting. Yes, it’s a time-consuming process. We use technology for all the advantages it offers, but the entire horoscope is personalised and custom made by a team of consultants. So, yes, we do believe in the merits of modern technology. But we trust our consultants to arrive at logical conclusions and cast a horoscope.

Origin And Principle Of Astrology

We follow Jyothish/Vedic astrology principles in casting/analysing a horoscope. Jyotish is a Vedanga of the Atharva Veda, which we believe will provide a glimpse of the divine plan for each individual. We believe in the theory that a horoscope, is the prarabdha karma that we bring down for this lifetime. This Prarabdha karma can create situations which we are destined to experience in our lifetime.

Prarabdha Karma further divides into Dridha karma ( Fixed), Adidha Karma ( Flexible) and Dridhadridha Karma ( changeable). However, the theory of free will and karma, along with our consciousness, can always act as a sounding board and chart our way forward.

Every prediction is considered probable. The degree of possibility of the predictions fructifying depends on the most accurate birth details of the person and the total of the karmic balance. The expertise of the team that works on the interpretation of data points also plays a role.

Our Horoscope Casting Covers The Following:-

  1. We provide in-depth panchanga predictions on the weekday, birth star, thithi, karanam and nitya yoga of the person.
  2. We consider all the necessary calculations. Calculations such as special rasi chakra, sudarshana chakra, upagrahas, jaimini system, shodasavarga, ashtakavarga dasa and bhukti periods. These calculations are in tabular form.
  3. Various analysis charts of your horoscope are also part of the casting process. This includes positional interpretation, planetary friendship chart and planetary checks. We also provide Kuja dosha, Rahu dosha and Ketu dosha checks. Reports include combustion, planetary war, summary, benefic yogas, malefic yogas and cancellation yogas.
  4. You would also receive an in-depth report on bhava predictions. Bhava predictions include:-

      1. lagna/ first house – personality, status and fame
      2. second house – wealth, family, land and properties, speech and skills,
      3. third house - siblings, courage and cleverness,
      4. fourth House - property, education, mother, vehicles and general happiness,
      5. fifth house – children, mind and intelligence, behaviour,
      6. sixth house - diseases, enemy and obstacles,
      7. seventh house – marriage and relationships,
      8. eighth house – longevity, medical treatment and other difficulties,
      9. ninth house - fortune, prosperity and inheritance,
      10. tenth house – profession,
      11. eleventh house – income and sources of income,
      12. twelfth house – expenditure and losses.
  5. Detailed dasa and bhukti predictions are part of the horoscope casting process.

  6. Remedies for the birth star, dasa and various other doshas are part of the suggestions. These remedies include karmic solutions, dress, lifestyle, bhajanam, vratham, daanam, flowers, poojas and yantras.
  7. Kuja, Rahu and Ketu dosha analysis along with in-depth remedial measures for the same forms part of the horoscope casting report.
  8. Transit forecasts for Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu
  9. Favourable periods of career, marriage, business and house building
  10. Detailed ashtakavarga predictions
  11. In-depth astrological analysis basis your queries and answers provided as per Jyotish principles.

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