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In all the interests of life, those to do with love and marriage are by far the most important, ranking equal to health on the one hand and to money on the other. The desire for companionship and affection is invariably exceedingly strong in the human make-up, and much of the happiness or unhappiness in the life springs from the making of either a satisfactory attachment, leading to a successful marriage, or to the forming of an unwise association, leading to emotional upsets and a possible frustration of marriage or to the bringing about of an unsuitable marriage with subsequent divorce.

A complete love and marriage report on harmonies and antipathies are arrived at using the unique combination numbers of the boy and girl.

When we know our own love and marriage number, we become aware of our own prospects and this knowledge, if used correctly, can aid us in mitigating or even offsetting the unfavorable possibilities, and of assisting those of a constructive and helpful nature.

By knowing the love and marriage number, and its attributes of the prospective or actual partner, we are able to see whether the mutual vibrations are helpful or the reverse, and if necessary, to make a decision. If the vibrations are unhelpful, by knowing potentialities of the marriage partner’s love and marriage number, we able, if we so choose, to act to that there is a mitigating of adverse significations, thus helping in the creation of greater harmony and hence of greater love and compassion. If the combination is already harmonious, we can act to bring about a realizing of mutual desires and wishes where children, social and public interests, and other matters of importance are concerned.

A complete love and marriage report on harmonies and antipathies are arrived at using the unique combination numbers of the boy and girl.

A number that vibrates to another shows that there is considerable mutual attraction and the marriage will be very favorable.

A number that attracts shows that the two people are well suited to each other.

A number that disagrees with another shows that the union will call for a great deal of diplomacy, if it is to be attended with any measure of success.

Where a number is passive, it merely means that numerology offers no opinion, there being no outstanding influence for good or bad. Of course, if the two numbers are alike, it is a foregone conclusion that the union will be very favorable.

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