Name Numerology – What you need to know

As you all know name is the most important part of our human identity. Your personality traits, destiny and the planetary position in the time of your birth are closely interconnected. Scholars all over the world have undoubtedly established this fact. Therefore, Numerology is the study of cosmic vibrations and their influence in our own lives. Because we see and socialize with numbers each day, it's easy to take them for granted. But numbers are symbols which generate cosmic vibrations which affect humanity on a cosmic level.

Every number's vibrations are unique and, therefore, each number affects us differently. The decimal number system with digits 1 to 9 and zero is the universally accepted system, and we use these numbers countless times daily. On the other hand, the numbers related to your own birth and name have special significance for you. The hidden meanings and messages in these numbers can reveal your personality traits, as well as predict your future.

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Name Numerology - Naming a Person or Business

Vedicology Name Numerology

So what are the applications of numerology? What can numerology be used for? Well, the easiest answer to this question is that Numerology can be used to find direction and meaning of your life. In simple terms, numerology can be used to chart out a route map for your life and a good numerologist can reveal the purpose of your life. Accordingly, you can develop a life plan. This fascinating science can also be used for forecasting various aspects and events in your life.

This is exactly why many people use Numerology as a valuable resource when naming a child or business. The numbers present in a name affect the overall personality and success of the individual. So human beings for thousands of years have been using numerology to design a name that brings the desired results. Whether its the Chaldean, Vedic, Hebrew or Kabala system, numerology has been in prevalence since time immemorial. You would have heard about people across the world irrespective of caste, creed, colour, faith or race has been using this fabulous science to their advantage.

Your birthday is composed only of numbers. Even the letters in your name correlate with specific numbers. So, this way there are numbers in your age, address, identity cards, telephone numbers and even your bank account. Numbers are all around you -- and inside you! The most direct way that they influence your energies or vibrations within you is by your own Numerology chart. The numbers in your chart -- like your Name Number, Destiny Number and Birth Number have so much of power and meaning to you. These numbers sway you in their own ways. The impact of these numbers can be positive or negative depending on their specific combinations.

Your Name Numerology – Most Important Number Combinations

1. Nama Sankhya or Name Number

The letters of English alphabets have a corresponding number. So each letter of your name has a certain corresponding number. The sum total of the letters of your name number reduced to a single root number is called Name Number.

2. Samyukta nama Sankhya or Compound Name Number

As mentioned earlier each alphabet has a corresponding number. The total number that you get when you add up all the letters in your name is called Compound Name Number.

3. Janma Sankhya or Birth Number

Birth Number is the root number derived from the date on which you are born. For example, if you are born on 12th, your birth number is 3. This number is also known as your lucky number.

4. Vidhi Sankhya or Fate Number

Fate number is the root number derived out of adding up your complete date of birth. For example, if your date of birth is 12.01.1980 then your fate number is 4.

5. Samyukta Vidhi Sankhya or Compound Fate Number

Compound Fate Number is the total number derived out of adding up your complete date of birth. For example, if your date of birth is 12.01.1980 then your compound fate number is 22.

Name Numerology - Naming a Person or Business

There are only 9 important planets within our solar system. In the same way, there are only nine numbers by which our calculations are created. All the other numbers are just repetitions of numbers from 1-9. Each of these 9 numbers corresponds to a planet in the solar system. For the past thousand’s of years scholars in Occultism, Chaldean, Vedic ( Indian), Egyptian and Hebrew Numerology work based on this fundamental principle.

So, now as you may have learnt, the secret of Numerology is in the mysterious law of vibrations. Your birth date could be reduced to this one particular number that represents a planet. You and the planet corresponding to your number will have exactly the very same vibrations, which continues all through your life.

Vedicology Name Numerology for Person

Hence, to achieve the greatest possible outcomes, both of your name number and birth number should be harmonious. That alone is not just sufficient. All the vital numbers in your numerology chart need to be in perfect alignment with one another to help you reap all the benefits that life can offer. So your birth number, name number, fate number, compound fate number and compound name number should be in perfect harmony.

Numerology and Astrology are equally important to arrive at a good name

A Good numerologist and astrologer can work together to ensure that you have a name that is in perfect sync with your date of birth and planetary charts. Both are equally important. A lot of people think that numerological compatibility can guarantee you great results. But what happens when the name you have chosen is no tin sync with your Anukul Graha or the most favourable planet in your horoscope?

How does Numerology name change help?

Numerology is one of the easiest self-development path, where you can benefit the most. It's easy to design a new pathway and relatively easier to implement it. Hence, a numerology name change is one of the most important and groundbreaking changes, you can make on your life.

By changing your name, you are changing the numbers in your numerology chart. This, in turn, creates a shift in all kinds of vibrations in your life. As you know these powerful vibrations within you dictate your happiness, mental state and overall wellbeing. And the vibrations that you send out to the world around you, dictates how everyone see you as a person. These vibrations that you send out also determine what you attract in return.

You still remain the same person

So, what happens after a name change? When you change your name, you are trying to alter your destiny. Does this imply that all the good things will go away, and you will become someone else? NO, absolutely not. You are still the same individual. But rather than all the challenges, resistance and endurance you have been facing, you will begin to experience positive changes in your own life with ease. Your inherent strengths and competencies will be expressed, and you become a better version of yourself.

Your transformation through a name change

How does a name change transform you? When you change your name, you move from one level of energy to another. You leave the old behind you, and completely open up for new energy vibrations and therefore a new potential.

When you leave behind your old heavy energies and embrace the new light energies, it will be similar to rings from the water. It will change not just you but the entire life around you. Yes, this process takes time and will be completely manifested over a few years. The time taken normally depends on how well you publicise your new name.

As we discussed earlier your old energies need to make way for new ones. So throughout the transformation process, these old energies will occasionally keep popping up, in order to cleanse itself out of your system. This may feel overwhelming, however, it is necessary for these heavy energies to disappear to make room for the new light, positive energies.

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