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Well, when love is the most incredible feeling in the world, so much effort goes into chasing, building, and caring to your most significant relationship with our soulmate, how then do so many couples still get into marital troubles?

No one ever imagines themselves in serious marriage problems. We always think it will happen to others, but never to ourselves. Well, this is the point at which you start thinking about marriage life astrology or marriage compatibility astrology. When we are too deep in problems, that is when we start looking at remedies for marriage. But most of the new generation millennials look at Vedic astrology remedies for marriage with much scepticism.

vedic astrology remedies for marriage by Vedicology

Let us discuss the top 10 reasons why you may land up in marriage problems. We shall also discuss various ways of saving your marriage with the fascinating science of Vedic astrology.

1. Marrying For The Wrong Reasons

Contrary To The Principles Of Vedic Astrology

First things first, If you marry for all the wrong reasons, how can you expect your union to be a victory? If you are in a marriage for money, to escape an unpleasant position, or to fulfil your family's expectations, these are not good enough reasons to marry. This is against the Hindu concept of marriage, and these marriages may not have a happy ending. Marriage life astrology and marriage compatibility astrology are for couples who would like to get married for genuine reasons.

According to Hinduism, if your marriage does not have mutual respect, shared aims and compatibility, then it's dangerous. If your wedding is not genuine and enduring love, your marriage will fail. However, if you now understand your priorities and want your marriage to succeed, then it's essential you meet up a good astrologer and perform remedies for marriage. Vedic astrology remedies for marriage suggest many solutions, renew your vows, perform remedies and live happily from now on.

2. Losing Yourselves In The Union

Hinduism Treats Both Partners As Equals

According to the Hindu philosophy, the marriage is all about two complete people building a life together. One partner cannot be the "needy", and the other be the "saviour". Too much of codependency is never a good thing for any relationship, much less a union. Marriage compatibility astrology states that when two people stop working on their individual growth, problems start coming up. Marriage life astrology says that when couples get too intertwined and dependent on each other, their marriage fails.

Couples get into problems because they find themselves missing in their marriage. They look around and find that they have given up so much and have become miserable. Well, not to worry, there are a lot of Vedic astrology remedies for marriage. However, it is essential to perform remedies for marriage with utmost devotion.

3. Intense Incompatibility

Should Have Checked Marriage Compatibility Astrology Before Marriage.

When you marry somebody and accept that they're human--with flaws, bags, and history, then you'll be more willing to compromise and your marriage blossoms. However, there's also a limit to this rule. Sometimes, you just don't function well with a person. And those intense incompatibilities may ultimately result in a marriage breakdown.

In this scenario, couples need to draw on the line between saving a union and saving themselves. Meet up a good astrologer and perform remedies for marriage. There are a lot of Vedic astrology remedies for marriage and Vedicology can guide you on this.

4. Lack Of Commitment

Marriage Compatibility Astrology Could Have Saved Your Day Before Your Marriage.

It's simple to state that"I am committed to this marriage" when things are beautiful and comfortable. But married couples will need to understand that devotion goes deeper than that. It is about taking active actions to keep the marriage going forward. Commitment is doing what is necessary to make a marriage work. Therefore a lack of engagement is an act that disregards and disrespects not only your partner but the marriage itself.

No one wishes to be with someone that does not fight for them. And marriage is all about two individuals working on life together, not independently. Now, if you go through this kind of situation, don't think further. Consult a good astrologer who can suggest the right remedies for marriage. There are many Vedic astrology remedies for marriage that can save your marriage. Vedicology can advise you on that.

5. You Weren't Ready And Mature For Marriage

Well, Marriage Life Astrology Reading Before Marriage Could Have Been Helpful.

A whole lot of individuals marry before they are truly ready. Unplanned pregnancies and social pressure can also play a role. A marriage works well when both individuals are"fully-formed" adults--meaning they are emotionally and emotionally independent and have a better"sense of self". Marriage life astrology and marriage compatibility astrology reports before your marriage could have helped you.

Anyways now that you are here and willing to work upon this aspect, consulting a good astrologer may not be a bad idea. A good astrologer can also be an excellent spiritual guide. He can suggest practical solutions and remedies for marriage. There are many vedic astrology remedies for marriage and Vedicology can help you with that.

6. Financial Problems

Marriage Compatibility Astrology Report Before Marriage Indicates Financial Abilities Of Both The Partners.

Financial issues do not merely create difficulties materialistically, additionally, it creates emotional problems. Imagine what will happen when one partner spends without consideration and another frantically saves every penny. There is sure to be anxiety. The spender may believe that his or her partner is constantly nagging and inexpensive, while the saver might feel vulnerable to the effects of overindulging.

Sooner or later, these differences in financial perspectives will cause strain that eventually leads to serious problems. But, it's never too late. You can always meet up with a good astrologer in Chennai. He can explain both of your life plan and purpose of life. He can suggest useful remedies for marriage. There are many Vedic astrology remedies for marriage and Vedicology can help you with that. You just need to seek help, that's all.

7. Addiction

Marriage Compatibility Astrology Before Marriage Could Have Revealed This.

Addiction can cause incredible strain in almost any relationship, most notably a marriage. If one person suffers from any type of dependence --be it drugs, gambling, sex or alcohol--it affects the person closest to them--their partner. Addiction may also put a heavy financial burden on the entire family, not to mention causes emotional distress and misuse.

Anyways, do you need help? Accepting the situation you are in and deciding to seek help is the first step towards progress. Why don't you meet a good astrologer? What's there to lose? A good astrologer can do an in-depth analysis of your current situation. He can suggest simple yet powerful remedies for marriage.

8. Domestic Abuse And Violence

Your Marriage Life Astrology Could Have Revealed This Earlier.

Violence and abuse are the main reasons for separations today apart from infidelity. What can you consider as "abuse"? Yes, it might be physical violence. However, it can be more than that as well. Abuse also involves an attempt to control or damage somebody's physical and psychological well-being.

In this circumstance, it's best to seek help and get out of there immediately. The very first step is to leave, and everything else will follow after achieving security. In case you see this as an aberration or a one-off incident and decide to pardon the partner then consulting an astrologer may not hurt you in any way. Horoscope can reveal the inherent personality and genetic traits of a person. He can suggest you simple, yet powerful remedies for marriage. There are many Vedic astrology remedies for marriage and Vedicology can help you with that.

9. Growing Apart

Vedic Astrology Remedies For Marriage Can Help.

Marriage resembles a plant. It needs constant love and care. If you neglect it, then it will slough off and perish. Many couples believe marriage is something that you simply trudge along with. That it is something that will look after itself. Marriage will work. Human civilisation knows that. But you need to take active actions. Get in touch with your partner and nurture that connection between both of you.

But sometimes, whatever you do things doesn't work. However hard you try, you still believe its not enough. Well, now you should meet a good astrologer. How about having a reading on your life plan and understanding the purpose of your life? A good astrologer can suggest simple but effective remedies for marriage. There are many Vedic astrology remedies for marriage and Vedicology can help you with that.

10. Inability To Handle Disagreements

Important To Check Marriage Compatibility Astrology Before Marriage.

Conflict is normal in associations. A union consists of two people. It is not a single-minded entity. Yes, it's natural that married couples will argue about things. But what separates a successful marriage from a failure is your ability to tackle these disagreements within a healthy and mature manner.

Do you face these issues regularly? Well, then its time you act on it. Meeting a good astrologer in Chennai is the first step. Understand your life plan. Get to know the purpose fo your life. Remedies for marriage can often be very simple, yet powerful. There are many Vedic astrology remedies for marriage and Vedicology can help you with that.

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